Campus Carry

A Letter from President Kenneth R. Evans

Dear Students, Employees, and Friends of Lamar University,

Recently, the Texas State University System Board of Regents approved Lamar University’s Concealed Handgun Policy.  The provisions of this policy go into effect August 1 of this year.  The policy is Lamar’s response to Senate Bill 11 (84th Texas Legislature) which established law pertaining to the concealed carry of handguns on the premises of state public colleges and universities by those with a valid license to carry a firearm.  Before completing the policy, we listened attentively, studied carefully, and heard the advice and counsel of many.

Ideally, guns, concealed or otherwise, should have no place in higher education.  Guns do exist on college campuses throughout the state and nation, and not just for the purposes of law enforcement or protection.  Unfortunately, we are all aware of this sobering reality.  I, along with you, am also aware of very powerful and polarizing emotions and views surrounding the issue of campus carry; however, Lamar will follow the law. 

The new law allows those who are licensed to carry concealed handguns to do so on campus premises, with the exception of carry in specific locations and at certain events detailed in the policy.  These exceptions are noted in the policy available at the link above. Please take time and review this policy. 

After reviewing the policy, you will learn that concealed handguns are illegal in residence hall rooms housing students enrolled in The Texas Academy for Leadership in the Humanities (TALH); TALH offices and meeting facilities; client-based health and mental health counseling facilities; disciplinary/personnel hearing offices; and Lamar University Police Department offices.  In addition, guns are illegal at sporting events at Lamar venues; governmental meetings; and on other premises designed by the President that are associated with events involving safety or contractual concerns.  Concealed handguns possessed by license holders will be permitted elsewhere on campus.  Again, please read the policy for details. 

Thank you for your attention and, like all, I hope for a safe and secure Lamar University. 


Dr. Kenneth R. Evans